About us / GDPSFH


GDPSFH initially started as a small project by MathieuAR in 2020. People could create a GDPS through his Discord Bot, which handled configuration and creation of the game and server files through a few scripts. With the help of a few people, the project grew and became more popular, especially in some Russian communities.

After some up and downs, the project was eventually shut down shortly before 2023 due to lack of time and motivation. The project was brought back up a few months later, now replacing the Discord Bot with a web panel. This allowed development to be easier, as the need of managing configuration was no longer handled by the bot.

Despite that GDPSFH is still in its early stages, it is one of the popular GDPS hosting services out there, with over 3000 GDPSs created and over 8200 users registered today. Historically, before the Discord Bot was taken off, the service has been used by over 20000 users and had a record of 9800 GDPSs hosted at the same time.


Founder, Developer

Mathieu is the host of GDPSFH, having developed the initial Discord Bot and the current web panel. Nearly all of the code for GDPSFH is written by him. Despite being extremely busy with his job, he still manages to keep the service up and running. As of now, he still pays for the server mostly out of his own pocket.

Co-Administrator, Developer, GDPS Expert

Rya is the co-owner of GDPSFH, having helped Mathieu with the initial Discord Bot and the current web panel. He started out not actually using the service, but rather provide help for people to setup GDOpenServer (a GMDPrivateServer fork by Rya and more, now archived). With his knowledge of GDPSs, he quickly became a moderator and eventually a co-owner as he built trust with Mathieu.

Today he is mostly responsible keeping the service up, as well as providing help to people in the Discord server. He also helps with the development of the web panel and the frontpage.